Flock Madness 2019

Get ready for Flock Madness!

In the spirit of March Madness, Flock Talk and flockers.net have created a bracket to find out The Flock’s favorite Pigeons song! Voting for Round 1 starts Thursday, but in the meantime fill out your own bracket with the PDF you can find on the link below. Then, comment on the Flock Madness thread on the Flock with a picture of your filled out bracket. The bracket that comes closest to the Flock Madness voting will win a prize package!


Voting Schedule:

  • Round 1:  3/21-24
  • Round 2:  3/25-27
  • Round 3:  3/28-29
  • Quarter:  3/30-31
  • Semi:  4/1-4
  • Final: 4/5-8