The Flock is all about community! While The Flock is the main discussion group, there are a ton of other sub-groups that you may be interested in.


The Pigeon Coop (Buy/Sell/Trade Pigeons Merch)


CashorTrade: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Face Value Tickets (Official CashOrTrade group, this is the preferred group now)

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Pin Addicts Anonymous

Mermods (Morgan’s Pin Mods) (please note group has been archived, and Morgan is not accepting new orders)

Crash Mods (Modded pins by Ashlyn)

KKDMODS (Modded pins by Kelly)

Mystic Mods (Modded pins by Mariah)

Dope-a-Mods (Modded pins by Garrison/Sean)

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Flocker Communities:

The Flock

The Flockettes

PPPP Discord Chat

#sobird Flockers

The Carrier Pigeon – Bird Memes (Memes)

The Kit (A PPPP Fanbased Set list Archive)

Missed COOnnections

Pigeons Helping Pigeons

Passenger Pigeons (PPPPen Pals)

The Henpeckers

Pigeon Droppings (Shitposting – not for the easily offended)

How many Pigeons groups are there? (A group about groups)

Where the Flock Did It Go (Lost & Found)


The Licksquid (PPPP Guitar Tabs)

Flockers Flicking Funky Frisbees (Disc Golf)

The Flock’s Beer Bird Bath (Beer discussion)

Flock Climbers (Rock Climbing)

Regional Groups:

Indy Flock Fam (Indiana)

Keystone Flockers (Pennsylvania)

Masshole Flockers (Massachusetts)

RVA Flock Fam (Richmond, VA area)

757 Flock Fam (Hampton Roads, VA area)

WV Pigeoneers (West Virginia)

Flockationland (New England)

West Coast Flockers

PPPPNW Flockers (Pacific Northwest)

Carolina Flockers (NC & SC)

Asheville Flock Fam (Asheville, NC)

Cincy Flockers (Cincinnati, OH)

Colorado Coo Club (Colorado)

Ohio Flocks Hard

Tennessee Flock Fam

Pigeons Pecking Pork Roll (A New Jersey Based Flock Squad)

Texas Flocks

Upstate Flockers (Upstate NY)