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Domefest 2020 Cancelled

Sad sad news. The band has just announced that there will be no Domefest this year (link goes to Facebook post). I think we all pretty much knew that Domefest wouldn’t happen in May, but personally I was hoping it would be rescheduled.

I’m not sure what else to say… I was really looking forward to seeing all my flock family again this year on the mountain. Stay safe out there everyone, I know we’ll get to rage together again!

Domefest 2020

The first announcement about Domefest 2020 is here! The most awesome festival in the world will take place May 14-16, 2020, and will again be at Marvin’s Mountaintop in Masontown, WV.

Early bird tickets will go on sale Friday 11/22 at 1PM at More information coming soon!

Domefest Recording Roundup

There we so much incredible music at Domefest! I’m trying to compile a list of any and all recordings from Domefest X that I can. See the list below, and if you know of any more, let me know so I can add them! (The links require a nugs streaming subscription.)

Pigeons (
5/16 (Night 1)
5/17 (Night 2)
5/18  (Night 3)

Aqueous (

Magic Beans (

Litz (

Goose (Bandcamp purchase):
5/18 (All 3 sets)