What is the difference between official and flock-made?
Official pins were sold by the band, either at the merch table at shows, or their online merch shop. Flock-made pins are designed, made, and sold by flockers on their own sites.

What’s the difference between an Artist Edition (AE) and an Artist Proof (AP)?
An “artist edition” pin typically refers to an artist specific variant of an official pin. For instance, Jam Men (non-sparkle ) were all official pins, and the sparkle variants were the “artist editions” of that design. Artist Proofs are usually unnumbered versions of an LE pin. (Thanks Lil’Gary)

The posts on my pin are wobbly, or move around a little.
Some posts are firmly attached, but some have a collar that holds the post on and are meant to move around a little to reduce stress on the post.  See the image below for a better explanation (Not my drawing, credit to the original creator):

I’d like to trade or sell my pin. How do I do that?
Most pin trading/buying/selling/auction activity happens in The Pigeon Coop Facebook group. Please make sure that you read The Marketplace Guidelines before making a post!

How do I ship pins?
Check out our article here, How to ship pins the cheap and easy way.

I’m interested in selling a Pigeons-inspired pin. What are the guidelines on that?
There are certain rules you must follow, which are all outlined in the Fan-created Merchandise Guidelines. If your pin relates to a festival the band is playing at, please also refer to the Marketplace Festival Merchandise Guidelines.

Why are there a couple pins that have “Unauthorized. Not allowed to be sold/posted in the Coop” in the notes for them?
As previously mentioned, in order for a pin to be sold in The Coop, it needs to follow certain guidelines. The pins that have this note are unapproved, and usually infringe on the band’s copyrights. They are never to be sold or posted in The Coop. They are only listed here for educational/reference purposes.

Who runs this site?
My name is Eric, and I created and maintain the site (along with my wife). We’re just a couple pin-obsessed people that want to document this incredible artwork (and keeping up with the site keeps us from having time to buy too many pins!). Special thanks to Lil’Gary for maintaining the original pin list!