Support the Artists You Love!

With everything shutting down, artists could really use our support!

Hit Read More to see a big list of pins, slaps, patches, shirts, prints, etc that you can buy right now! We obviously specialize in Pigeons here, but don’t forget ALL your favorite bands/artists need your support more than ever.

If you know of anything that should be added, please hit this link and let me know!

FYI: Aside from the shops in this list, there’s also a ton of stuff available on The Pigeon Coop!

Pigeons Official Merch
Various items, including pins (too many to list)

Scrambled Greg (Official Etsy shop)
TGS Order Up Pin

Deemster Porn
Minis, Animal Friends (On Sale)

The Gallery Society
Various pins including Pigeon Feather, Light Bender, PPPPretty Boi
Stickers, hats, and shirts

Grateful Dad’s Online Booth
Various pins including #BirdSquad, Flock Badge, Overtired

Another Neighborhood
Various pins including Pigeon Hearts, Yo Soy Fiesta, Julia

SlabLab Pins
Pigeons Slaying King Kong, Dome is Where the Heart Is

Rhia Gypsy Vintage Pins
Kiwi (Ikea), Melting Lights (Girl)

Twin Flame Designs
Fade Fast Birdcage

Patchwork Pandemic
WerkOut 2018, French Cafe, Melt Your Pigeon
Lots of patches, hats

Dover Street Designs
Send Funk Spaceship, CTPYL Mini Heart

The Slothy Llama
Flock Cancer

CodaRaho Creations >>> Also on Etsy
Various Pins including Pigeon Apple, Shakedown Pigeon, Colors of Life Pigeon
Patches and Stickers

LateNight Dreamers
Under the Sea Julia

The Leisure Lab
Mother Flockers, Lactose Intolerance, Summerdance 2018

Archetype Angles Art
Space Surfing Song Squab, Horeyezon

Arts Akimbo
Celebrate! Dome

Flock the Chains (mini disc golf discs)

Glowdome, Ano P-Wing

PURE Intentions
Poseidon (Trident) Stickers

SkyVibe Design
Live Life, Pecker Head

Dylan Turner Designs
IFOTFD Stickers

Poster NutBag’s Boutique
Penguins Flockmas

Jamgrass Designs

Wooden Pins & Stickers

Pigeon Head

Pigeon Pose
Various Pins includingg Water Arrivederci, Sgt Pigeons, Cantina Pigeons
King Kong Patches

This is Halloween

Pigeon Bart

The Street Rat Designs
Europe 72 Pigeon, Manny Lights Me Up

909 Pins
The Flock 2020

The Phunky Pin Junkie