It’s time to take flight!

Welcome to! We started this project so there’s finally a single repository of Pigeons information, hopefully in easy-to-use format. What started as an effort to document every Pigeons pin has blossomed into something much bigger, and hopefully more useful to everyone.

Allow me to introduce the team:

Eric Slacktish (myself) – Website admin and pinfo maniac. I’ll be maintaining the pin database, as well as doing any general posting or tasks that need to be done.
Valerie Slacktish – My wonderful wife, who has helped every step along the way. She’ll be helping mostly with administrative stuff. She also does a lot of the posting on Facebook.
Nick Heller – Nick’s a huge leader in the community, and it wouldn’t be right if he wasn’t involved. Nick brings tremendous knowledge about the band, experience with online communities, and in my opinion he’s a large reason the community is as awesome as it is.
Kendall McCargo – Honestly, everything I said about Nick applies to Kendall as well. Really excited to have him on staff! He’s also instrumental in filling out the setlist database.
Tim Schmaltz – Tim is a database guru and all-around good guy to know. He’ll be helping with just about everything.
Sam Torchio – Sam has done an incredible job maintaining the album of posters for a long time now, and I’m very excited to get him a better platform to catalog it all. Sam’s also a data guy, he’ll be working on that as well.
Sierra McBroom – Anyone that’s spent any amount of time browsing the Flock or the Coop knows who Sierra is. She’s an awesome member of the community, and will be focusing on writing interesting articles for us.

Now, here’s what you can expect:

  • This project is and always will be a non-commercial project. This is all for the community.
  • There’s a lot of missing data right now. Just know that we are working diligently to fill in as much as we can, as quickly (but accurately) as we can.
  • Lots of new features, and better functionality. After we get some more data loaded in, expect Sam and Tim to do some cool stuff with the data. For example, we hope that when you go to a song’s page, it will list every time that songs appears in the setlist database.

The Flock is as inspiring as it is incredible, and YOU are what motivates us to do this.
If you have any ideas for the site, please let us know! We have a
Facebook page, and you’ll find contact forms up in the menu bar. We want to make this site the best it can possibly be… This is only the beginning!