Flock Madness 2019 – Round 3 Results

Voting has closed on Round 3 of Flock Madness 2019! THANK YOU to everyone that participated.

Quarterfinal voting will take place in The Flock, look out for a couple polls this weekend!

Click the image below, or hit the Read More link to see the voting results in text form:

Full results in text (winners are in bold):

The Liquid 30
Live It Up 19

Zydeko 30
Burning Up My Time 19

FU 35
Fade Fast 14

Somethin’ For Ya 25
Upfunk 24

Melting Lights 30
Ocean Flows 19

Kiwi 28
Porcupine 21

Horizon 38
Lightning 11

Poseidon 40
Time To Ride 9