Say Cheese




I love cheese,
it brings me to my knees
I thank the good Lord
that the cows are made with big boobies
that we SQUEEEEEZE; Churn into the cheese
Then we eat on repeat ???

Provolone on top of a scone
On a philly cheese steak with some wiz for your soul
Gruyere, what a perfect pair!
On some french onion soup or a steak that is rare
Now cheddar, shit, ain’t no better
Than ???
While American is simple and elegant
And the way it tops my triple-stack burger is why I love–

Hook x2

Now colby, shit you already sold me
on that multicolor look and a taste that is holy?
Mozzarella, “it’s a good for your bella!”
And it taste even better when you string it to fella
Now brie, you’ll be the death of me
One wedge at a time or the whole damn wheel
While feta, shit…

Ya know actually guys, lets stop for a second…

(Music Cuts)

I don’t love feta cheese, I’ve said it once
and I’ll say it again! I don’t care who knows it!
Ya know why? Because feta is useless! okay?
I’ll stand by it! Ya know what?
The reason feta is useless, and I’ve said this
maybe once, twice, thrice… what?!

Hook x2