2019 Fundraiser Pin

We love running flockers.net, and hope that you’re finding the site helpful! However, running it isn’t free. To that end, we are selling our flockers.net logo pin as a fundraiser to cover our costs. We hope you check them out, they’re really beautiful pins with gorgeous glitter!

I’m not ever looking to profit from this website, so once we cover costs (website hosting + licenses, and pin cost), all additional profit will be donated to LMK, the mental health/suicide prevention charity run by Grateful Dad. You can find some more detailed information about LMK below.

To purchase one via PayPal, click the Buy Now button below. Thanks SO MUCH for your support!


2019 flockers.net Logo Pin
1.5” – Black Nickel / Hard Enamel w/Glitter – LE100
Designed by Eric Slacktish / Produced by Mathew Capron


LMK is a suicide prevention and support community based on anonymous support. This is an up and coming venture for Dad. Let’s help him help others. Right now, he is working on developing an app so support will be just a few taps away.
If you would like to donate directly to LMK, donations are accepted via PayPal at letmeknowhowyouaretoday@gmail.com
Please take care of yourself. Reach out if you need help… you are not alone. ❤️