Flock Talk Episode 40

Flock Talk Episode 40 is now available! With this episode coming out roughly halfway through the year, Brad and Thomas take a look at the flock’s (and their) favorite shows, bust-outs, covers, and jams of the year so far. Before that, they recap last weekend Levitate set with the massive FU sit-in from Tomo Fujita. They also discuss the recent Halloween announcement, and Greg’s recent appearance on the No Simple Road podcast. Congrats to Brad and Thomas for 40 episodes!

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Flock Talk Episode 39

Episode 39 of our favorite podcast is out! This week features recaps of Electric Forest and Terapin Crossirads, with discussion about Sir Real and Sunny Day. Then, Brad & Thomas look back at the 8×10 residencies in 2012 /2013 and celebrate 5 years of Psychology.

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