Flock Talk Playlist (Complete)

All of the songs that have been played on the Flock Talk podcast.

1Spaced>Sunny Day7/17/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
1This Is That10/24/2014Asheville Music Hall - Asheville, NC
1Upfunk7/17/2016The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ
2Where Are We Going?10/1/2009The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
2Schwanthem4/27/2016Sycamore Deli - Blacksburg, VA
2Fire On The Mountain>Overtired9/3/2010Stamp Student Union (University of Maryland)
3Moonwalk12/31/2011The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
3J-Town > Black Dog > Whoopie5/21/2016w/ The Hornitz - Domefest 2016
3Cities > The Hop > FU2/17/2013Thunderbird Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA
4Zydeko>Once In A Lifetime>Zydeko1/28/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
4Whirled4/1/2015ft Matty Carl - Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY.
4High as Five2/26/2016Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD
5Peace Frog>Offshoot>Peace Frog10/26/2017Club Dada - Dallas, TX
5Too Long2/22/2017Last Exit Live - Phoenix, AZ
5White Night>Imperial March>White Night3/25/2016Fly Me To The Moon Saloon - Telluride, CO
6Don't Stop1/17/2013Martin’s - Roanoke, VA
6Henrietta4/30/2016French Broad River Festival - Asheville, NC
6Cliffs4/14/2016Higher Ground - Burlington, VT
7Fortress2/12/2017Volcanic Theatre Pub - Bend, OR
7Indiglo> Spaced3/13/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
7Offshoot6/19/2014Mad Tea Party Jam - Purcellville, VA
8Sports Theme7/10/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
8Cliffs>Walkabout>Cliffs10/24/2014Asheville Music Hall - Asheville, NC
8Birds of a Feather11/10/2016The State Theatre - State College, PA
9Ghostbusters10/19/2012Woodlands Tavern - Columbus, OH
9No Quarter > Help On The Way > Slipknot > Black Dog > Slipknot > Kashmir > The Ocean > Slipknot10/30/20159:30 Club - Washington, DC
9Space Oddity10/26/17Club Dada - Dallas, TX
10Drunk People1/19/2013Frederick, MD
10OvertiredFunk EP
10Lightning>Sand>First Tube>Lightning7/20/2011The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
11King Kong8/13/2017Globe Hall - Denver, CO
11Dome People5/19/2016Domefest 2016
12Superstition>Shining Star(E, W & F)12/31/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
12Fade Fast2/27/16Rams Head Live
12FU>Crosseyed & Painless>FU7/18/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
13Horizon10/28/2016Paradise Rock Club - Boston, MA
13Jackwise (Lespecial)10/5/2018River Street Jazz Cafe - Plains, PA
13Wireless>Somewhere Over The Rainbow>Wireless7/31/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
14Whirled1/28/2017w Rob Compa - Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO
14Kiwi8/13/2017Globe Hall - Denver, CO
14Psycho Killer12/14/2012Cafe 611 - Frederick, MD
15Something For Ya3/25/2016Fly Me To The Moon Saloon - Telluride, CO
15Julia>Hot hot hot>Julia7/13/2011The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
15Burning Up My Time>E-Funk2/21/2014Nectar’s - Burlington, VT
16Stay9/6/2017Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
16Live It Up4/12/2014Gypsy Sally’s - Washington, DC
16Skipjack > Can You Feel The Love Tonight12/31/2017Madison Theater - Covington, KY
17Landing>Superstition3/18/2013Pleasant Street - Morgantown, WV
17King Kong>Shiny>King Kong12/31/2017Madison Theater - Covington, KY
18GhostbustersGreat Outdoors Jam
18Smoke 2 Joints>Kids/Otherside>Smoke 2 Joints3/14/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
18Down w/ Disease>Antelope>Deejam>E Funk>DWD3/21/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
19I Like To Blaze12/10/2008Santa Fe Cafe - College Park, MD
19Beanstalk7/11/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
19Havana9/9/2017Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
20Time To Ride > Penguins > Funkijam > Groove Is In The Heart > Time To Ride6/13/2015Riverbend Festival - Chattanooga, TN
20Fade Fast12/28/2013Best Buy Theater - New York, NY
21Bad For You1/28/2017Boulder Theater - Boulder, CO
21On The Rise12/31/2011The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
21X-Files>Condenser>Horizon10/24/2015123 Pleasant Street - Morgantown, WV
22Cliffs > 99 Red Balloons@ > Red Red Wine* > 99 Red Balloons > Cliffs> White Night> Blue> White Night5/21/2016Domefest 2016 - Bedford, PA
22Zydeko4/14/2016Higher Ground - Burlington, VT
23Melting Lights12/31/2017Madison Theater - Covington, KY
23Burning Up My Time11/10/2016The State Theatre - State College, PA
23Deejam > Sir Real3/13/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
24Mission > Barbara Streisand > Schwan's Symphony > 20017/11/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
24Funk E Zekiel1/17/2013Martin’s - Roanoke, VA
24Dutchmaster10/1/2009The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
25Sports Theme7/10/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
25Spacejam > The Hop > F.U.6/7/2013Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival - Manchester, TN
25Fade Fast11/22/2013The Whiskey - Wilmington, NC
26Upfunk9/11/2014Pink Moon Festival - Rock Camp, WV
26Ocean Flows7/17/2016Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ
26Whoopie5/11/2012Treehugger's Ball - Terra Alta, WV
27Moonwalk>Crosseyed and Painless>Moonwalk7/24/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
27Drunk People3/28/2013Woodlands Tavern - Columbus, OH
27Pop Off2/21/2014Nectar's - Burlington, VT
28Melting Lights>Puddle6/8/2012The Republic - Richmond, VA
28Poseidon>Eyes Of the World1/26/2019The Capitol Theatre - Port Chester, NY
28Thank You!>Time to Ride4/1/2015Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
29Jam>Birds of a Feather>Funk E. Zekiel7/10/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
29Goose - All I Need2/2/2019Bluebird Theater - Denver, CO
30High As Five 7/17/2016Stone Pony - Asbury Park, NJ
30Deaf Scene - Remain Nameless5/30/2015Domefest - Terra Alta, WV
30Cliffs5/21/2016Domefest - Bedford, PA
30Pussy12/31/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
31Couldn’t We All 10/12/2013Fox Theater - Boulder, CO
31Walk Outside9/3/2017Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
31Porcupine7/12/2018Red Rocks - Morrison, CO
32Sunny Day5/2/2019Red Rocks - Morrison, CO
32F.U.4/25/2019Canopy Club - Urbana, IL
32Funk You - Black Dynamite2/15/2017Asheville Music Hall - Asheville, NC
33Poseidon>Horizon>Poseidon5/30/2015Domefest - Terra Alta, WV
33Lightning>Tweezer>The Ocean>Lightning5/20/2016Domefest - Bedford, PA
33Dome People>Upfunk>Drums>Upfunk5/19/2016Domefest - Bedford, PA
34Wireless>My Girl>Wireless10/24/2014Asheville Music Hall - Asheville, NC
34Walk Outside>Sir Real>Walk Outside5/2/2019Red Rocks - Morrison, CO
35Lightning (w Taz)5/24/2019Summer Camp - Chillicothe, IL
35Climb (Puremotion)5/18/2019Domefest - Masontown, WV
35Water5/17/2019Domefest - Masontown, WV
36Live It Up9/3/20149:30 Club - Washington, DC
36Jam>Help On The Way>Slipknot>7/13/2011The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
36Condenser6/20/2014Mad Tea Party Jam - Hedgesville, WV
37Too Long>Imperial March>Too Long8/13/2017Globe Hall - Denver, CO
37Poseidon8/15/2015Hot August Music Festival - Cockeysville, MD
37White Night1/19/2013Cafe 611 - Frederick, MD
38Bad For You9/6/2017Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
38Song For Philip (Yak Attack)3/12/2017Nectar Lounge - Seattle, WA
38Julia>Beanstalk>Julia5/18/2019Domefest - Masontown, WV
39Zydeko7/4/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
39White Night>Blue7/3/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
40Wall Street>Deejam>E Funk>Down with Disease7/18/2012The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
40Sunny Day5/17/2019Domefest - Masontown, WV
40This Is That7/10/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
41High As Five5/19/2016Domefest - Bedford, PA
41Totally7/31/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
41Lightning (w/Marcus King)7/19/2018Peach Fest - Scranton, PA
42Fox & Toad6/13/2015Riverbend Festival - Chattanooga, TN)
42Landing>Time to Ride>Sir Real>Time to Ride1/31/20149:30 Club - Washington, DC
42Chameleon (w/ Mario D’Ambrosio) 3/13/2013The 8x10 - Baltimore, MD
43Water>FU>Down In The Hole>FU 8/17/2019Hot August Music Festival - Cockeysville, MD
43Super Funk Regulator Robot Step Squad And Double Dutch Team12/14/2012Cafe 611 - Frederick, MD
43Live It Up (w/ West End Blend Horns)Domefest
44X-Files>The Hop>F.U. (w/ Casey from The Magic Beans)4/14/2016Higher Ground - Burlington, VT
44Psycho Killer8/21/2014Camp Barefoot - Bartow, WV
45Whirled (w/ Matty Carl of Shwizz on Sax)4/1/2015Brooklyn Bowl - Brooklyn, NY
45Good Times Bad Times (Robert Randolph & The Family Band feat. Greg Ormont)9/5/2019Baltimore, MD
45Su Casa>Country Roads>Su Casa5/16/2019Domefest - Masontown, WV