Flock Madness 2019 Results

Check back here to keep up with your scores! The winner will get a prize pack courtesy of Flock Talk and flockers.net

NameRound 1Round 2Round 3QuarterSemiFinalTotal
Kendall M2614128101080
Lee M2322945063
Tony W272618851094
Dylan T302212120076
Doyle L27281540074
Sarah L1920900048
Val S29261540074
Chad A2418945060
Tom K2520340052
Ramsay F302212810082
Joe S2514158101082
Alissa Paz198940040
Chantel P272691251089
Heather F29261245076
Jacob G282012451079
Rachel B19181280057
Jack H25249451077
Greg E262221121010101
Eric S (not competing)26161512101089